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Ryobi 10" Table Saw
Table Saws Matt KeddieMatt Keddie April 08, 2018 982
Great features at a low price!
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Initial Thoughts
I originally purchased in the spring of 2016 as a portable solution. I didn't expect much, given the low price tag and lightweight construction. Assembly was quick you're pretty much just attaching the safety mechanisms. I did note it's a very simple design, which for me is a huge plus. If anything ever breaks or needs adjusted you can easily make those corrections.
Super Lightweight with built-in storage for all the accessories.
Riving Knife!! That makes it awesome!
Powerful enough to rip 2" Ash with a thin kerf blade

It can be used as a mobile work platform and is easy to clamp to. So if you're anything like me, when its a beautiful day and you'd rather be outside, carry this gem outside and you've got a big work surface!
I wouldn't classify this as a con but simply something to note.
The miter slots have a proprietary "tab" that some claim makes the saw incapable of feather boards, cross-cut sleds and other aftermarket accessories. Ok... thats non-sense. You can simply "modify" them by grinding them off, or simply take your router to the miter t-bars on the shop made sleds and take a bit off where they would make contact. Problem Solved!
Rating Rundown
Quality - It's well built and durable for the price range
Functionality - I rated this a three because I did need to make specialized sleds to use with the miter slots
Price - Best saw in class for the money
Durability - It just doesn't die!
Features - It comes with all the basic safety implements but I did need to upgrade the blade to get the results this saw is capable of producing in addition to building saw specific sleds.
Ease of Use - It performs exactly as I one would expect.
Bottom Line
I gave this saw a run for its money. It's been subject to every form of abuse one could imagine and it still cuts to my expectations. Cosmetically it wasn't up to par for a project I was doing with Ryobi (Red stain that looked like blood next to the kill switch) so they did send me a replacement. Although I still run the old one, it just wont die so there's no need to take it out to pasture!

If you're looking for a solid performing intermediate saw that cuts accurately, is easy to setup and doesn't break the budget... then you've just found a winner!
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