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Wixey Digital Angle Gauge
Measure & Layout Matt KeddieMatt Keddie April 28, 2018 503
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Initial Thoughts
It turns out I am really bad at math. Especially angles and fractions, which I think might be the fundamentals of woodworking. I tend to rely heavily on any device that can make my life easier. The Wixey Angle Gauge is one of my favorites for squaring up my saw blades.
It is a super simple design, there are two buttons on/off and zero. That's it! That simple! You simply turn it on, set it on the surface (it has a magnetic base) and press the zero button. Once zeroed I just stick it to my saw blade and it gives me the angle!

The battery is a standard AAA so I don't have to go find some strange battery when I leave it on.... oh wait, it has an auto-shutoff!
As with any product there is always something left to be desired. One you begin making your adjustments, the gauge doesn't read in real time, so often you're already past the angle you want before it updates. I noticed if you take it off the blade for a second and put it back it works more efficiently.

The housing is plastic and has a cheap feel to it. I treat it like a precision tool but feel if I drop this the accuracy could be jeopardized.
Bottom Line
So if you "can't math real good" want an inexpensive simplified gauge then this dude is for you! You may not use it everyday but it comes in handy. I still use my woodpecker precision squares to verify things are legit periodically but for what most of us do, this gauge will fill our need
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