Woodmizer and Coasters

Wood coasters Wood Coasters and Woodmizers

​Saturday morning, my uncle and I began milling more logs from the ash we felled three years ago. He wanted a few 6"x6"x16' beams for a restoration project and I will be the first to say.... that shit is heavy AF!  Luckily Shannon stopped by to offer a hand, having a third person when milling really helps out. My uncle operated the loader, Shannon worked the mill and I was the laborer lol!

Sunday I worked on, what turned out to be some wildly popular coasters. Sam at www.diyhuntress.com made some a couple weeks ago and I felt like it was an awesome idea!

Shannon Running the Woodmizer LT15

Woodmizer LT15 w/ the Yanmar 10 Hp diesel is a bad ass! Ash is a very hard wood and it's always a challenge to work with, however we were able to cut through with not much effort. It doesn't rip like pine but it certainly was impressive!

DIY Drink Coasters

These dudes! Based off Sam of www.diyhuntress.com scrap wood coasters, I used some gummy cherry and made a cool little holder for them. If you wanna make a set it takes about 45-60 mins and there's a full video tutorial here

DIY Drink Coasters and Holder
DIY Wedding Cake Knife


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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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