Stanley No. 299 Utility Knife

Stanley No 299 Utility Knife

​Theres always a tool you grab first, you might have a few models, but there's always your goto. When it comes to utility knives the Stanley No. 299 is mine. Sure, it's a fixed blades and lacerated my fingers, pockets and ass so many times I lost track... but it's a simple, tested design that can't be improved. 

Simple Design | Cool Housing 

The Stanley No. 299 has aluminum housing with decorative yet functional checkering featuring a fleur de lis on the grip. A single slotted screw holds the housing together, when removed you can easily change the blade or access the internal blade storage.

This knife has an heirloom appeal to it like it was handed down from generation to generation. You don't really see tools like this these days nor do you see many that are truly made in the USA. This knife belonged to my grandfather and from what I could dig up on the internet production stopped in 1982.  The year I was born! So we know this thing is at least 36 years old at the time of this writing.

Is the Stanley No. 299 Utility Knife Worth Anything?

I looked at some different sites and saw a wide range of prices ($5.99 - $50.00) but the average was about $15. There was a guy that fully restored one?? He wanted $50 for it, I don't really know what fully restoring a knife that has two sides and a screw entails other than a quick simple green bath but who knows! 

If you do stumble upon one of these in your travels I suggest you buy it. It doesn't really travel well so you can't use it as your everyday carry, its aluminum so you can't hang it on your magnetic tool holder above your bench... but its simple, sturdy and well... pretty.  

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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
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