Shingling Roofs and Carving Shelves

Keddie Woodshop

​I turned 36 on Thursday, I can't really believe it. 20 years ago a driver's license is all I could think about, now its more like "Fuck I hate driving"  "I want to build a new shop" and "I want to be a maker full-time". I guess your priorities change but the "wants" are always there.  I keep finding myself thinking about the independence of becoming self-employed. Don't get me wrong, my day job is amazing, I have not a single stress, the pay is good and it's a great environment... But there is this feeling I should be spending my time differently. The old "You weren't meant to just pay bills and die"  is creeping in. Hopefully it's a kick in the ass to get me more content-focused, getting back to my roots and tapping into the notebook of a million ideas I've conjured up.

The notebook.... So I'm toying with the idea of publishing my Idea notebook. Most of it's illegible, some of it is sketches of ideas. Examples include experimenting with clear resin to create intricate joinery, making a skeleton of a buffalo (might of been drinking when I wrote that down or after that one charged me who knows!) creating a table that captures the childhood splendor of fireflies on a summer evening.  For whatever reason I was gifted with this imagination that doesn't really turn off.  So when an idea pops into my head it will snowball and continue to build. I'll find myself kinda lost, thinking about all the intricacies of it to a point if I can conceptualize it in my head from start to finish it never gets made. It's like "okay, that was cool it can be done" and I move on. The stuff that does get created are things I'm overly excited about, possibly a gift or an item I think someone in my life might want. But most often it's something that caught a snag when I was thinking and I just couldn't figure it out so I had to make it to get my mind off it.  

I figure the stuff I haven't made, forget about or just don't care for... could be a little inspiration to someone interested. A lot of people hold their projects so tight until they post, they get upset when someone recreates without credit. I was and to an extent still am that person. But at the end of the day does it matter? They stole your idea, your concept, the technique, they passed you up in followers or landed a better sponsorship contract... who cares? I think I want to give more to the community of makers, continue to hone my craft and not pay attention to the distractions that have handcuffed me for so long. 

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

by Rumi

Shingling Roofs

​Saturday I evened out my trucker tan putting a roof on my cousin's house. You gotta give credit to roofers, there's nothing enjoyable about the job! It sucked up the bulk of the weekend and I'll need to revisit the back half of the house possibly next weekend. My uncle and I basically help each other with all big projects, I put a roof on his son's house, he helps me mill and stack lumber, I help him build a garage, he lends a hand moving a wood shed. It's the way I wish the world worked, just help each other out. 

Carving Shelves

​This was one of those ideas I couldn't visualize so I had to make it. I knew what I wanted to do but I couldn't figure out the carving for the front branch or how I was going to accomplish it. Jig making, often so piss-poorly constructed, is one of my favorite aspects of woodworking. 

Instagram Explosion

​So I am in a group chat with Adam of LazyguyDIY, Sam of DIYHuntress, Tamar of 3x3Custom and Elisha of PneumaticAddict the chat group name is titled "Swipe Right for Love" I think Elisha or Sam named it that after I was sharing dating mishaps with them from this dating app called "Bumble". But anyways, I asked about how I might be able to tackle this project, Adam said to cut the back off then reattach which would of made it soo much easier but I just didn't want to do it. After I finished and before I posted I shared some pics of it with them, I feel like we use this as a launch pad to get opinions before we send our work off into the world. When I sent them the pics, I typed something like, "For the amount of energy and thought this was totally not worth it" I got three responses "how did you remove the material" "what is it" and  "how are you going to attach it to the wall?" 

I didn't think much of the shelf's end result, It fell short of what I thought it would be and literally considered it a junk post. I submit it to IG and within 10 minutes it had 79 likes... I'm thinking "Are you kidding me?" I started getting DM's and txts from people saying how cool it is, how they never saw anything like it. It's good to be surprised by your work and the impact it has on others. 

Built-in Designs


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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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