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East Coast Resin
East Coast Resin is an interesting company. I wasn't able to locate any social media accounts, the website is very basic with a *.txt file looking instructions, however the prices are extremely reasonable. 

After doing a bit of social media snooping, I was able to find quite a number of makers use the product. They  have good amazon reviews, sitting around 77% 5-Star 

This is definitely a company I'd like to explore a bit further. The low prices would certainly increase profit margins on projects and also allow a bit more experimenting.

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(Updated: April 18, 2019)
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East Coast Resin ranks as one of the most economical resin options available. They have a high Amazon rating but seem to lack a bit when it comes to social media... I was unable to find any social channels whatsoever, which could certainly hinder them in reaching a wider audience. The price is certainly appealing so perhaps they maintain the low cost by sacrificing the marketing efforts.

The info on their site appears to pertain to the Crystal Clear resin however I reached out to them for further info, still waiting on a response.

They are ranked near the top of my resins trial list, they can really lower the bottom line with projects which could ultimately open the door for a lot more creative designs were as now high cost prohibits a lot of imagination.

** Update 4-18-2019 **
No response to the email inquiries
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