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Brands Matt KeddieMatt Keddie March 03, 2019 252
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(Updated: April 19, 2019)
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They have a lot of options teetering in industrial applications. They list a lot of useful information but lack some of the ranking criteria used for indexing them as a brand.

I like the amount of options they have but it's a bit intimidating trying to sort through their products and figuring out what would be a good product for any given application.

I think if they formatted their site, made it a bit more DIYer friendly and broke down their product line giving the basic info we need, they would be give a lot of companies a run for their money.

At this point they seem like a rock solid company that just needs a few minor site updates and a stronger social media presence. They do have a YouTube account but its titled Ozz, The Wizard and has some resin videos dating back 9 years. It's a bit confusing, I thought it was a mistake and linked to an individual and not a business so perhaps some rebranding of that channel could clear that up
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