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(Updated: April 19, 2019)
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During my research I kept circling MAS Epoxy and jotting down "dig deeper" on paper they ranked #1 and all evidence kept pointing towards that. I then began "trolling" them on social media asking silly questions and every time they answered promptly and professionally! So I was sitting there thinking these guys may of just set the bar for customer service.

Then I began looking at their marketing efforts, on Instagram they have "real" posts, not heavily rendered glamor shots cherry picked from around the web. They're legit projects from people I've come to know quite well in this community. Don't get me wrong its nice to see a sexy resin pour in perfect staging with perfect lighting.. in a perfectly curated feed... but I dunno, seeing real life shots is much more appealing.

Circle back to the trolling I did when I kept thinking things didn't add up. When their social handlers answered they provided a wealth of information and went to great lengths, sending me quick videos they just shot on their phone to show some of the things we were discussing.

So those were the strong points, one detractor is pricing. They didn't rank as the most expensive and they're not in my dream super-budget bucket but they sit right above it. The other detractor is the marketing (social content) sure I just raved about the "real" posts but they're not quite getting the same exposure other brands receive. I'd like to see a ramped up influencer campaign and I'm sure those metrics will drastically change.

With all that said, the preliminary research puts them down on paper as the top-rated brand on the market.
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