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Brands Matt KeddieMatt Keddie March 02, 2019 215
The first Resin Brand I Used!
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So to kick off the research into ETI as a company I downloaded their product catalog. Scrolling through the pages they offer a wide variety of products but the basic details are omitted. You can dig a bit deeper and eventually locate them in downloadable one-page instruction pamphlets.

I then headed over to their blog and they had some cool craft projects that offered up some interesting ideas. Most of the projects are small in scale and don't exactly categorize into woodworking.

I cut my teeth using ETI Easycast and I featured their product in quite a few projects. Some of which were wildly popular and I have zero regrets, however there were certainly limitations on what I was able to achieve. I was constantly pushing the capabilities and I may of exo-thermed the universe a few times.

Ultimately I began seeking different options for my application. If you're doing smaller craft work, they're priced right and it is a breeze to use. Unfortunately they rank a bit lower when it comes to a woodworking application. In no way am I detracting from quality, it just doesn't meet the different needs for the projects we would be subjecting it to.
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