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Bio-Based Epoxy Resin
(Updated: April 23, 2019)
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Ecopoxy's Instagram account simply crushes it! It's beautifully curated with amazing color themes and hundreds of sexy pours. I see these builds and I start drooling, thinking "man I gotta get my hands on some ecopoxy" After a few moments I snap back to reality when I do a price check!

It's definitely one of the more expensive brands and their bottling is based off the metric system which isn't a big deal unless you're indexing tons of products and one of the comparing variables is volume!

I think a company working towards a 100% bio-based epoxy sounds fantastic. Although I am not entirely sure what that entails? I scoured their site searching for any information about the pro's & con's of a bio-based epoxy and came up a bit short. I sent an email asking what the designation is, awaiting a response.
* Update *
Ecopoxy got to back to me with some clarification

"Hi Matt,

Thank you for your inquiry. Although we are working every day to replace petroleum-based chemicals with bio-based ingredients in our epoxies there are still petrochemicals present in our epoxies as with most epoxies on the market. We continuously decrease petrol based and increase bio-based. Bio such as soybean oil, cashew nut oil, and palm oils to name a few. another way in which our epoxies differ from traditional epoxies is that they are 100% solid with no solvents, meaning, that there is no evaporation of harmful chemicals during application which makes our epoxies very safe to work with. "

At the end of the day Ecopoxy sets the bar in many categories. A 100% bio-based resin will change many things and I look forward to the advancements!
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