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Art Resin by the Gallon!
Brands Matt KeddieMatt Keddie March 01, 2019 465
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Art Resin has a limited resin option (1 product) they do offer some color tints and a few accessories but their product line truly caters to the resin artist and not so much a woodworker. So based off that criteria they will inherently rank lower as a brand even though they could potentially have a superior product.

The educational resources truly stand out, they take the time to create content and educate their customers so there's success using the product. Often that comes with a price typically reflected in the cost of the product. They're on the top end of cost.

A lot of the truly dazzling pours are tagged back to them and they have a loyal fanbase maintaining it's some of the finest resin they've ever used. That could be a clever marketing campaign or simply put a quality product.

As for the catch... I wasn't able to find any real drawbacks for their product aside for the limited applications in the woodworking community. Art Resin is near the top of my list for resins to trial so I am anxious to see what all the fuss is about!
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