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Alumilite Resin
Brands Matt KeddieMatt Keddie March 02, 2019 300
Awesome Brand | Hasn't fully thrown its hat into the social influencer game
(Updated: March 24, 2019)
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Alumilite has a ridiculous product line that tip-toes between prosumer / industrial applications. They are open, upfront an honest about the expectations and limitations of their products. I ranked them a 2 for their marketing effort simply because they only have a FB and YouTube channel for social. There is a large community on Instagram raving about their products and they are missing a huge chunk of a customer base because they're simply not visible or on the radar of the IG maker community.

The educational resources are on-point, the layout of the material looks a bit dated, however it doesn't subtract from the information provided.

With a hard marketing push I could easily see and the implementation of some new social channels, I can see Alumilite being one of the goto brands for many of the advanced resin users.
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