​When I was a little kid, I remember seeing those old Victorian Silhouettes. My mum would drag my sister and I to these antique shops and they were always hanging on the walls... creeping me out. I used to think they were like the shadow or ghost of a person. I honestly thought they were halloween decorations. As I was getting some idea's together for this years line I happened upon Mad Like Alyce's Blog and literally the coolest Victorian I've ever seen!! I thought "Wow! This is exactly how creepy they were to me as a kid!"

I was really excited about this project, I planned on doing a few variations but it hardly received any traction on social media. Instagram only projected it 1% of accounts not following me and the impressions were incredibly low. When say I low, it was one of the lowest performing posts I've had in 12 months. The likes were there from the people who saw it but it just didn't get picked up by the algorithm.

Alyce has this template / silhouette available for download on her blog in PDF format

Tools & Items Used

Ryobi 16" Scroll Saw
Olson PGT Scoll Saw Blade  *Amazon Affiliate Link
Spray Adhesive (fixing template to wood)
Starbond Adhesives Clear CA Glue * Amazon Affiliate Link

Just print out your template, scroll saw and glue it to a slab! Done!