Spooky Ghost DIY Tutorial

Spooky Ghost DIY Tutorial

"Spooky" is part of the limited edition Pica Line of fall decor for 2017. 

As a limited run only five of each design was made they are all numbered and indexed.  If you are interested in purchasing an original you can certainly check my Etsy to see the availability! 

(Note: The version created for this tutorial is not part of the original production) 

Items Needed:
Spooky Template (PDF Download)
1"x12"x12" Piece of Pine (you can scale it to any size mine are 11"x12")
Nyalox Flap Brush
Brass Cup Brush
Torch - You can also find them cheaper at Harbor Freight
Power Drill (corded or cordless)
Drill Bit
Dusk Mask
Eye Protection
Scroll Saw or Jig Saw

​Since this is a revealed grain project, its important to choose some funky wood for it.  Over time you'll  be able to spot a perfect board from a mile away. You want an open pattern and couple knots. If you fast forward to the burning segment you'll see the wood take a bit of color and that will give you a better understanding of grain selection. I simply print, cut and traced with it with a marker!

​Now that you have it all traced out  you'll want to drill some starter holes for the scroll saw blade. I used a 5/16" bit. Make sure you're centered and you keep the drill level. Take note of the right eye, yeah its pretty close to the line HAHA! Don't do that!!

​Now you're ready to start cutting the shape. If you don't have a scroll saw, you can substitute with a jigsaw. However I highly recommend using a scroll saw and adding it to your shopping list, you can find them on Craigslist, it doesn't have to be fancy just do a bit of homework and make sure you can get blades for it.   

​Simply remove the blade, insert it through the starter or pilot hole and then reattach it to the scroll saw! Now you're ready to cut out the eyes and mouth!!

​The picture is out of sequence, but I cleaned up the start and stop saw marks on the edges. You don't have to get crazy and it doesn't have to be super perfect, just knock down the big humps. The fire process will clean it up too!

​The fun part! Setting it on fire! 
(take note of the grain pattern as the wood starts to burn, this a really good indication of what the end product will look like)

Starting with the outer edges, char the end grain while working your way around the ghost. Since we are painting and staining this down worry about the inner corners too much. If they aren't black after a couple quick passes they aren't going to be and you need to move on. 

Spooky looks like he had a bad day. The white edges basically are usually smoldering and its important to knock the ash and coals off immediately or it will slowly burn creating all sorts of deviations.

​Make certain you use a wire brush, have eye protection and dust mask. This step is messy!
 I usually just step on one side and try to get all the smoldering off first then do a quick brush over the surface to knock all the heavy soot off. 

You can check out my Youtube video for the flap brushing. Spooky is ready for a finish!

If you are going for a distressed paint finish, make sure you wait until the wood cools or the paint will dry super fast! My finish is just a heavy coat of white brushed on then immediately wiped right back off with a rag. I press really hard to remove it from the cambium layer (the black part or the tree ring). After that I apply stain with a rag and again wipe it dry!

I would like to thank you all for checking out my tutorial! I'll be focusing on the finishing process for the rest of the Pica Line in the next couple days! If you have any questions you can send me a message on Instagram @keddiewoodshop
Thanks so much - Matt

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Guest - Ronda on Wednesday, 31 August 2016 06:02

Great tutorial Matt! They are adorable!

Great tutorial Matt! They are adorable!
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