Revealed Grain Hearts

Revealed Grain Hearts
Revealed Grain makes pine look exotic!

​Revealed Grain.... a filthy finish that makes pine look less like...pine

There's a ton people out there using this finish, creating videos, tutorials and running legit businesses off a technique I accidentally happened upon when I was attempting to create some Shou Sugi Ban. Around the exact same time, Chris of @bigreds_og_woodgrainreveal was pioneering the process. It was really interesting because I had no idea how he was creating the stuff he was making and I was marketing it as faux barn wood before I refined my technique and realized it was basically the same thing he was doing. We just had different methods but both involved fire. He was definitely the first though. So anyone claiming they invented,,, they're full of shit. 

I spent the better part of the next year (2016) refining and experimenting, I always had intentions of releasing a new tutorial on all the advanced methods I discovered but tons of people asked me how to do it, I gave instructions and in return they tag me in it... most played it off like they invented that shit and never mentioned the countless questions I answered (not bitter haha!) Long story short, I moved away from the technique, just like anything if you do it long enough you really just get sick of it. It's a great finish for beginners since there's a huge margin for error but as your talents grow, if you're anything like me, you'll find it less and less rewarding 

Materials Needed 

Nyalox Flap Brushes 

​These chongers come in three different grits (80 Grey, 120 Orange, 220 Blue) I recommend buying the kit of three since its cheaper. However the orange and blue will last forever. So when you re-order just get the grey ones.

* The Amazon link below is an affiliate link, basically when you click on it, it tells Amazon I sent you and they give me like 7¢  

​Blue Flame 9XTL​ Torch

​This torch comes with various nozzles which will aid in more intricate burning. If you're a maniac like me and lose this one... You can use the really sloppy one like I did for the video, I just makes it damn near impossible to control the burn. If you get one with a good flame control, you'll be able to work on more intricate pieces without torching it to hell and back.

* The Amazon link below is an affiliate link, basically when you click on it, it tells Amazon I sent you and they give me like 7¢

Bernz-O-Matic Micro Butane Torch

I use this little dude for intricate or tiny pieces. It works really well and butane tends to burn a bit "hotter" than propane so it makes short work. 

* The Amazon link below is an affiliate link, basically when you click on it, it tells Amazon I sent you and they give me like 7¢

Choosing wood wisely

Wood Selection

​When you embark down the Revealed Grain rabbit hole, keep in mind not every piece of wood has the texture, flow or character needed to create a drippy heart or even just a cool grain pattern. 

Knots are going to be the best option for a drippy object. The grain naturally flows around and it's easy to have that trail off. You basically want to look for grain patterns that flow and swirl with defined lines. If you choose on that has a tight grain.. it just won't turn out well, it's ok to have tight grain on the edges or in certain parts, however you want to have flow. 

The second you begin to brown the piece you'll be able to determine how it will look. After a few minutes you'll be able to sort through a lumber pile and find pieces that rock and ones that dont. 



​Revealed grain makes coloring a breeze. You have big large bumpers to prevent bleeding, the wood is super dry so it soaks in and its uniform. It's almost perfectly suited, I wish all wood had these characteristics! 

As for color I use Homestead Transfast Dyes which you can get on Amazon. They come in all different colors, they're a bit costly but the supply will last forever. It only takes a tiny bit of powder to make the dye, I just mix it with water in a mason jar and I'm still on the original batch from three years ago and probably have enough to mix up 55 gallons of each color! Yeah you get that much haha! 

You can browse them at Amazon:

The Video Tutorial  

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