Dewalt DW735 Belt How to Replace the DEWALT DW735 Belt

The Dewalt DW735 13" Thickness Planer belt replacement is an easy task. I did a bit of research seeing if there was a simple and effective means. Oddly there wasn't a whole lot of content so perhaps a belt change isn't a common issue on this planer. 

Part Needed

Dewalt OEM V-Belt 
Part Number 5140010-28

I purchased mine from Ive used them quite a few times for all sorts of repairs around the farm and I haven't had any issues or complaints. I read some reviews about the amazon replacement belts and from what I saw they appear to be junk. Buy the OEM belt!! 

Here is the link to the belt you can order directly from

Why did I need to change my belt?

A lot of board feet has passed through the knives on this beast and I noticed it was starting to trip the breaker pretty frequently or really bog down under what was once a light load. I thought it was the blades so I inspected and they seemed legit but rotated them to the opposing side since I already had the cover off.  The issue continued and now when I would shut off it off there was a "growling" sound sort of the way an dying shop vac sounds. That bad bearing noise so to speak. I figured when it tripped the breaker so many times it spun the bearings or something else terrible occurred.

I had about 5 more passes to finish up what I was doing and then it happen... the growling and chatter halted and the blower motor was the only noise I heard.... I was under the assumption the blower and the motor for the knives were two different units, I never really looked at it so I popped the hood and saw the belt had hopped the large pulley. It struck me odd because the belt was only 1/4" wide and the pulley was about 1" wide. When I removed the side cover the drive chain for the rollers with caked in this weird rubber and I thought "how does that even move?" I noticed the pulley was super loose and then it dawned on me, the nut worked itself off allowing the pulley to freely wiggle and then push the belt into the roller chain. The rubber on the chain was the belt... melted! Bingo!! Thats the issue! However the nut that holds the pulley on... was totally missing.

I posted a story on Instagram explaining how confused I was about the issue and while reviewing the video I spotted the missing nut, it had fallen down into the base and was in a little "pocket" 

How I replaced the belt on a Dewalt DW735 Planer

Shockingly there wasn't much info posted about the belt change. Most of it said you needed a "special belt tool" or "this task should be done at a Dewalt Service Facility" I needed this chonger up and running ASAP and sending it out for repair wasn't an option so I opted to do it myself. It does require a bit of force to do, however the videos or suggestions from people saying you need to muscle it on... yeah you can't... at least not with a OEM brand new belt. So this method shown in the video is how I accomplished the task. 

Step 1 - Remove the Bolts Holding the Chain Sprockets

​I skipped the steps removing the housing to save your time and mine. Remove the bolts holding the sprockets in place

Step 2 - Remove the chain tensioner screw and assembly

There's only one screw holding the tensioner in place and theres a tiny spring. Pay attention the screw is a cheap metal and will strip on you... i tried to break it free with a hand screw driver and ended up stripping it almost instantly, so i opted to use the impact to break it loose. 

Step 3 - Remove the chain and sprockets

​Once the tensioner is out of the way, you can pull the sprockets off with the chain. You will need to do them basically at the same time or they bind

Step 4 - Put the new belt on the small sprocket

​Thread the new belt up onto the top small sprocket. When make sure it is seated properly for the next step. You may need to revisit it when you clamping because it tends to "walk"

Step 5 - Use a quick clamp to pull the belt and pulley onto the shaft

​You'll want to place the clamp on the roller spindle where the left sprocket was and then clamp the backside of the pulley. As you tighten it will snug up and you'll need to kind of guide it onto the shaft. It might take a couple attempts. Make sure the Shaft key is in place. (note the video if you're unfamiliar with what that is)

Step 6 - Gently Tap the Pulley onto the Shaft and Key

​I used the clamp to prevent lateral movement and using a soft mallet I was able to tap the pulley right into place. 

That's it! You now can resemble and you're back in action! Nice and easy right?!!?

Hopefully this method saved you a lot of cursing and the skin on your knuckles!! The dude that said "You basically just have to muscle it on" .... um yeah dude, I couldn't... so that's why we work smart and not hard!