Meet Christie of Cfisherart

Meet Christie of Cfisherart

Christie is a very talented artist I had the pleasure of working with a few months back. I came across her plate glass paintings and was floored by them, we ended up doing a really cool collaboration followed by a giveaway. 

Couple months ago I asked her, how did you get started?
She took art classes at Lakeland College and opened up an Etsy shop in October of 2015. During the day she runs a small daycare, hobby farm  and a beef business.  With the support of her husband and family she has been pursuing her dreams as an artist and spends her free time in the studio. 

I asked where do you find your inspiration? 
She said she has a deep love of nature from being raised in Northern Wisconsin. Her talented parents  let her creative mind wander as a child and encouraged her to explore art in all its forms. Living on a farm with her husband and two cute children provides her with the perfect setting to create the flora and fauna pieces. 

Revealed Grain Tulip
Heart Attack!


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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
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