Carved Arrowhead


Tools Needed

Watch the Youtube Tutorial Below

Step by Step 

Fold a sheet of paper in half and then draw whatever shape arrowhead you want. The cut the shape out and you have a mirror image. 

​After tracing the template onto your piece of wood, cut the shape out with your jig saw. The line do not have to be perfect!

Draw a center line on the arrow head. This will give you a reference point when angling the blade 

Using the Arbortech Ball Gouge, begin "knapping" the arrowhead. Keep the middle high and taper the sides. Where the arrow meets the shaft, do a deep taper so you can wrap with twine or sinew 

Using the Arbor Tech Turbo Plane, shape the shaft. Be creative being a primitive decor item you really can't screw it up!! 

Drill four holes where the shaft meets the broadhead. The size bit will be determined by the binding you decide to wrap around it . I used 1/4" 

 Sand the shape and knock down any high points on the arrowhead. I like to round off the sides and take off sharp points so it appears more aged or weathered. Also try to remove any tearout from the ball gouge. 

Using the Nylalox Flap Brush polish the entire arrowhead hitting the voids at different angles  

Apply a couple coats of Old Barn Milk Paint Oil+Wax 

 Wrap you twine in a fashion you like then using Dap Rapid Fuse, ad a couple drops to "finish" the knot. 

That's It!! Super Easy!!

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Monday, 21 October 2019
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