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How to Remove Christmas Tree Sap

 It's that time of year when we all trek into the fields and cut down our very own tree for the holiday season. You find the perfect tree, take a sip of hot chocolate and chop that mofo down. Then the real "fun" begins... needles everywhere, oozing sap on the carpet.. .on your clothes, hair ect. I've got an easy solution! Use mayonnaise t...
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Running a woodshop is and isn't hard work!

Running a woodshop is and isn't hard work!I started out building things I needed, I remodeled the living room and wanted some shelves to hold the randomness I had been collecting. Enter the shanty-2-chic sisters into my life. Someone showed me these floating ledge shelves they made and I said "I could make those in two shakes of a lambs tail" well…...
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