Advanced Epoxy Resin Coloring

Galaxy Sasqatch

‚ÄčThis video tutorial will explain a technique I've been toying with to create some dazzling effects! You essentially mix dry metallic pigments into resin nearing its gel point then add a solvent (isopropyl alcohol) The metallics begin to "sizzle" and you get a super crazy effect. You can also add the solvent to colors already blended and create a halo effect.

Metallic Pigments

Note how the pigment just floats and doesn't wet. Those clumps will explode into pockets of color when you apply alcohol. This technique is all about timing and understanding pot life. If you're unfamiliar with that term check out Everything About Epoxy Resin

You basically want to mix up some colors, have clear on standby wait until you are about 65-75% into the pot life.. then cast. You don't have much time but it's an easy way to get colors to stay true and not blend wildly.

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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
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