Keddie Woodshop Barn Wood Skull Sign This barn wood sign features five spalted sycamore skulls and has an absurd amount of texture!.. Product #: barnwoodskullsign based on 0 reviews Regular price: $100.00 $100.00 Out Of Stock

Barn Wood Skull Sign

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Weight: 4.00lb
Dimensions: 48.00in x 8.00in x 2.00in

Price: $100.00

I had intentions of just making a whole bunch of single skulls with a barn wood backers but this particular had a ton of character and I thought it would look super cool as a vertical sign.
If it doesn't fit in your place vertically, the skulls are attached with counter-sunk screws so you can simply rotate them and you now have a horizontal sign!
This thing is kinda huge
48" Long x 8" Wide x 2" Tall
It has Beehive Picture Hangers installed on the rear. So basically you just push the sign against the wall... theres two little bumps and they make an indentation. You then put the H tab in the wall and hang the picture. It takes like 10 seconds! They're super awesome!
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