Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor! I wish I could make holiday decor all year long like a crazy person, however it turns out it doesn't sell so,,,,..

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Revealed Grain Christmas Tree Ornament (Green)

This little ornament may of not been made, I was nervous about adding the green dye and didn't think the grain would look right. I was totally wrong!


Revealed Grain Striped Christmas Tree (Natural)

The beautiful shading of natural revealed grain comes from a specific tree, Norway Spruce. Ironically the Norway Spruce used for this ornament was actually a Christmas Tree my Grandparents planted after the holiday in the early 1950's


Revealed Grain Christmas Tree (Natural)

This one is super cool and possibly my favorite of the batch! The grain lines are perfectly straight!


Resin and Cherry Christmas Tree Ornament

This dude was a piece of scrap that included some resin from another project but was too beautiful not to save